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Philippe & Partners Law Firm

Why do we do what we do ?

We are convinced that innovation needs to be prioritised as a driver of progress.
This means that what we do is inspired by the root value guiding any law firm’s social role, i.e. making your projects a success.

How do we work ?

Above all, we do everything to understand you and what you want.
In doing so, we do not see the role of a law firm as solely applying legal rules and regulations, but also as being a source of practical solutions in compliance with the law and helping you achieve your goals. Many of us have also spent time working in companies, an aspect making it easier for us to understand how our customers “tick”.
Anticipating legal developments is a further stepping stone contributing to the long-term viability of any legal solution. This is why our firm is not just made up of specialist lawyers, but also maintains very close links with the academic world, with a number of our lawyers providing teaching at major Belgian universities and a number of European universities.
Our firm operates in several countries, and all our lawyers speak several languages. Over the years we have developed privileged partnerships with international legal networks sharing our humanist values. This set-up allows us to support your projects throughout the world.
We are a completely independent firm, not too large to lose that human touch and guided by top-notch professionalism.
While taking care to maintain our firm’s healthy financial footing, we are able to offer you a very attractive level of fees.

What do we offer ?

We provide an all-round high-quality service in the majority of legal fields.
Our in-depth specialised knowledge of law and our painstaking attention to detail, both spiced with a creative approach and a touch of audacity, allow us to offer you what we call “fine art in legal practice”.